Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to FTT!

Fast, top-quality traffic is yours free in a few
easy steps - you'll simply need to surf a few pages
to activate your account, add your sites, and then
assign credits - start receiving visits straightaway!

Plus, grab daily surf rewards for your activity
each day, and you can also participate in
our daily promotions for maximum bonuses!
Choose to maximize your advertising with our
awesome upgraded memberships - you can find the
Pro Trader account just right for you.

We are committed to providing you top-notch
service, and encourage you to use all of your
available resources here at FairTradeTraffic.

Get started fast & easy...

Add up to 5 websites
Add up to 5 banners
Add up to 5 text ads
Complete your personal profile
Surf for free traffic
Grab your FTT promo tools
Create free custom promos
Free Traders earn 5% commissions
Earn 50% commissions by upgrading
All Traders earn 25 credits per referral
Plus 10% credits from referral surfing!

Start trading with the BEST of them

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